Good morning, everyone. My speech topic is “What is success in our life”. In our daily lives, there are some moments that we tend to think what is success in life. The definition of success maybe vary from person to person. Some think that one is success if he has got high academic title. Others argu that success is on basic of the amounts of money.

  But if you ask me this question, I will define that one is success if I have a happy life and possess the target what I am striving for. In my life, I hope to laugh with family members and friends, listen to others’ points of life and enjoy my life. In actually, most people aren’t content with their life. Sometimes, we need to learn to be satisfied, and you will find yourself easy to be pleased. In my career, I want to challenge my limits and then exceed them. In some terms, achieving goals is the happiest thing . These are my understanding of success.

  Learning to know when to choose or give up is essential for your well-being, and ultimately for your personal and professional success, too. When you can give up on a goal that isn't working, you'll be freeing up the valuable resources you need to make the most of the goals you do pursue the ones really worth pursuing.

  Although different people holds different views on success, we need a happy life. Finally, I share three keys that can help us get perfect life. First, Keep balance with your life and work. Second, learn to satisfy your life. Last but not least, we should have a healthy body and exercise regularly.

  That’s all. Thank you!

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